Critical Fall Height Charts

Below are the critical fall height charts for our different playground flooring products. Playground surfacing has an ultimate goal of protecting our children in case they fall as they play on the playground. Our different products all consist of different rubber or wood materials, affecting their ability to absorb forces. You’ll notice our engineered wood fiber product needs a depth of almost 12 inches to protect from a fall of 8 feet, where our aliphatic Bonded rubber product only needs 3.5 inches of depth to protect from the same distance of fall.

Clicking the download button opens the charts up in a separate URL where you can download them and print them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our representatives if you have any questions concerning the critical fall height of our playground flooring products.

Name Description  
Bonded Mulch Illustrates the bonded mulch fall height Download >>
EWF Illustrates Engineered Wood Fiber fall height Download >>
Interlocking Tile Illustrates the Interlocking Tile fall height Download >>
Aliphatic Illustrates the aliphatic product’s fall height Download >>
Aromatic Illustrates the aromatic product’s fall height Download >>
Supreme Illustrates the supreme product’s fall height Download >>
Synthetic Turf with Padding Illustrates the synthetic product’s fall height with padding cushion layer Download >>
Synthetic Turf with Buffings Illustrates the synthetic product’s fall height with buffings cushion layer Download >>
TPV Illustrates the tpv product’s fall height Download >>
Tuff Mulch Illustrates the tuff mulch product’s fall height Download >>