Robertson Recreational Surfacing offers fix for tired playground tile


The company offers a range of playground surfacing maintenance including Re-Top



If not properly maintained, playground surfacing can become damaged and no longer offers the fall cushioning properties that are critical for children’s safety. Robertson Recreational Surfacing, makers of TotTurf, specializes in maintenance services. They are the only company that has developed a comprehensive system to help ensure customers get the most out of their investment when they choose Poured in Place.


Christ Church Lutheran in Phoenix, Arizona, recently had their dilapidated tile Re-Topped. “We’re happy with the program. The refurbishment took place four months ago, and it has held up well. We plan to take care of it by doing a Roll Coat at the one year mark. Now that the Re-Top is complete, the kids and parents love their ‘new’ playground,” stated Bob Merritt, Facilities Director.


Throughout the country, there are old, tired playground tile installations that have some fall cushioning properties but have faded or are starting to degrade. Because the rubber tiles still maintain some fall attenuation, it is possible to add additional rubber over them and increase their resilience and life. This process is called a Re-Top. The new 2-layer system over the original tiles achieves required fall attenuation per ASTM fall safety guidelines and helps ensure Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.


Appropriate Applications

A playground is a candidate for this procedure if the tiles appear to be relatively flat with no corner lifting. Too much lifting could cause buckling in the new Poured in Place layer once installation is complete. Good sub-base drainage is critical to help prevent ground shifting that causes cracking.


A significant advantage to this type of tile refurbishment is the old tiles remain in place. Removal of old tiles would incur significant additional expenses such as labor and disposal fees. Because this installation reuses existing material and uses 100% recycled tire buffings in the fall cushioning layer, it is a green alternative to completely starting over with virgin materials.


Preventative Maintenance
After the refurbished tile Re-Top is complete, it is important to care for the Poured in Place surface properly by developing a preventative maintenance strategy for the playground surface. Roll Coats should be completed every 12-18 months to help prevent cracks, holes, and granulation of the surface. The roll coat process adds a coating to rubber playground surfaces that cures to a protective skin, similar to the process of varnishing wood floors, without compromising the fall cushioning properties of the surface. Roll Coating strengthens the surface, protects structural integrity, and brightens the look of colors.




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