Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who would I contact for a quote?
A Visit our Contact Us Page, and find the sales representative in your area and contact him/her directly. Or call us directly at 1.800.858.0519 or email

Q Is your company Robertson or Tot Turf?
A Our company name is Robertson Recreational Surfaces. Tot Turf is our original product brand and has become widely known.  Robertson is a subsidiary of PlayCore.  Tot Turf is our Rubber Poured in Place Surfacing Brand.  Only Robertson representatives and our select partners can sell the Tot Turf brand.  

Q Are your products made from recycled materials?
A Yes, our specialized cushion layer is made from recycled rubber – from rubber tire buffings to all different types of rubber consumer goods.  We proudly offer environmentally friendly systems.

Q Does the product get hot? Does color choice matter if I’m concerned about hot surfaces?
A Any surfacing product will get hot when exposed to UV rays. The darker the color, the hotter the surface will get.

Q Do the colors fade?
A Any product exposed to the UV rays will fade over time. We recommend using our maintenance program to prolong the life of your pad.

Q Is maintenance required?
A Yes. A good maintenance program is guaranteed to extend the life of your surfacing, thereby protecting your investment.

Q Can I have designs, shapes, or characters?
A Yes! We are known as the experts in executing complex designs in poured rubber surfacing. There are numerous options to create a showpiece surface, and your surfacing consultant can help execute any design you can imagine. The only design not permitted is one that would compromise the integrity of the project.

Q Are there any positions available within your company?
A Visit our parent company PlayCore’s website career page at

Question not answered? Click here or call 1.800.858.0519.