Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who would I contact for a quote?
A Visit our Contact Us Page, and find the sales representative in your area and contact him/her directly. Or call us directly at 1.800.858.0519 or email

Q Are there any positions available within your company?
A Visit our parent company PlayCore’s website career page at

Q Is your company Robertson or TotTurf?
A Our company name is Robertson Recreational Surfaces. TotTurf is our original product. Over the years, we have become known as our product name. However, because we now offer a variety of products, we are returning to using our company name solely.

Q Are your products made from recycled materials?
A Yes, the buffing or cushion layer is made from recycled tires making our product environmentally friendly.

Q Does the product get hot? Does color choice matter if I’m concerned about hot surfaces?
A Any surfacing product will get hot when exposed to UV rays. The darker the color, the hotter the surface will get.

Q Do the colors fade?
A Any product exposed to the harmful UV rays will fade over time. We recommend using our maintenance program to prolong the life of your pad.

Q Is maintenance required?
A Yes. A good maintenance program is guaranteed to extend the life of your surfacing, thereby protecting your investment.

Q Can I have designs, shapes, or characters?
A Yes! We are

known as the experts in executing complex designs in poured rubber surfacing. There are numerous options to create a showpiece surface, and your surfacing consultant can help execute any design you can imagine. The only design not permitted is one that would compromise the integrity of the project.


Question not answered? Click here or call 1.800.858.0519.