TotTurf PIP 1.5″ RENEW Re-Top Services for Existing PIP Surfaces


RENEW1.5 is the most effective way to prevent future demolition of the entire surface.

This preventative solution is a 1.5 inch re-top that includes a new 1" padded layer under a new .5" wear course layer Tot Turf rubber surfacing. This process not only repairs hazards on the surface but will significantly add cushioning for safer recreation and play. RENEW1.5 can also provide for an updated color scheme to keep visitors coming back for more fun!

Why RENEW1.5?

  • Adds up to 2 years life expansion to your existing surface
  • Much cheaper than a complete remove and replace process that will result if repairs are not addressed
  • Only 2 days of service, then your recreational space is ready for play!

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