Poured in place rubber playground surfacing (PIP) offers a seamless, colorful flooring that is appropriate for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. We offer one of the broadest selections of poured rubber flooring products, so you can be sure the option you choose is the right one for your budget and project type. Read about your product choices below, or call us and we’ll explain the benefits of each option! Great for Playgrounds, Water play areas, Pathways, Fitness areas. Wet poured rubber flooring is perfect for commercial playgrounds and residential playgrounds. It’s engineered for certain depths of the poured rubber flooring to create a safe fall height rating for children of all ages and weights. Get a quote today!

Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surfacing

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  • TotTurf Supreme Poured Rubber

    TotTurf Supreme Poured Rubber

    TotTurf Supreme Poured in Place Rubber is a two layer system features premium TPV granules in the top wear course layers and recycled SBR rubber as the bottom attenuation layer.  This premium system is a step up from the TotTurf Standard system and provides for ultra resistant, colorful and accessible play spaces.  TotTurf Supreme installations are compliant and perfect for daycares, parks, churches or school playgrounds and recreational spaces.   

    The Supreme system provides a seamless, accessible play surface without the upkeep and maintenance of loose fill options.  The wear course is great for design and adding value to the play surface through a wide range of color options. 

    • Can be installed for fall height ratings up to 12′
    • Easier maintenance and upkeep. Consider Robertson Roll Coat every 18-24 months protects to ensure a long-lasting surface
    • Uniform, stable accessibility
    • Provides inclusive play opportunities for children and adults with all abilities


    Current Documentation for TotTurf Supreme

    RSS- Fall Heights-TotTurf-PIP-Supreme


    RRS-Colors-TotTurf-PIP-100 TPV Color Chart

    RRS-Colors-TotTurf-PIP-TPV Supreme


  • TOTTURF 5/500

    TOTTURF 5/500

    Introducing Robertson’s newest innovation in beyond compliant safety surfacing. Tested to new standards set forth by ASTM 1292 in compliance with ASTM F3351-19, our 5/500 system is built to provide top of the line safer surfacing for 8ft fall height required spaces. Testing resulting in HIC scores less than 500 and under 100 GMAX.

    Featuring 100% Gezolan Color EPDM, a Dow chemical aromatic urethane, and a special SBR mixture for the attenuation layer, this industry leading system will provide enhanced safety and durability.

    Inquire about pre-paid maintenance plans and our 5 year warranty.

  • TotTurf Standard EPDM Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing – Featuring the TotTurf Advantage!

    TotTurf Standard EPDM Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing – Featuring the TotTurf Advantage!

    TotTurf EPDM Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber is the most popular playground surfacing choice in the market.  TotTurf provides a seamless, accessible play surface. Our PIP system consists of 2 main layers providing an attenuating, soft, cushioned feel.  The option comes with several color choices that can be laid in patterns, or mixed to create different shades and tones of color, and even molded into multiple elevations or shapes for added play value.  Installations by Robertson utilize seasoned crews to produce a surface that is as attractive as it is durable and resilient. At Robertson, safety is our first concern and we make sure all TotTurf installations meet ASTM requirements for public play spaces.   TotTurf also provides a highly accessible surface for all to play.  Lower routine maintenance requirements and costs help make this option a smart investment for years of use. Click to learn how much poured in place rubber costs.

    The TOT TURF ADVANTAGE for more resilience under highly used areas.

    Ask your TotTurf Regional Representative about the details and how we differ from all others!


  • Splash Tread Aquatic Surfacing

    Splash Tread Aquatic Surfacing

    Aquatic Surfacing is a superior surface treatment that is extremely tough yet soft under foot.  It enhances any aquatic environment and transforms the surface into something to be admired.Tested to rigorous standards

    • Durable – chlorine risistant, impenetrable polyolefin granules
    • Zero fungus growth
    • Safer – lowest possible slip rating, non-toxic
    • Bright colors that will last – highest UV resistance
    • Won’t cause abrasions
    • Durable materials used in roofing industry and chlorine transportation containers



  • Refresh Roll Coat Preventative Maintenance

    Refresh Roll Coat Preventative Maintenance

    The first line of defense, the REFRESH Roll Coat is recommended for all Poured In Place surfaces. The application is rolled on clear to coat and penetrate the top layer.  Roll Coat strengthens the surface, adds UV protection, and brightens the look of colors.  Roll Coat can help prevent cracks, holes, and granulation of the surface.  By choosing preventative maintenance now, you can save costly repairs later.

    Not sure what type of maintenance you need?  Fill out our online maintenance assessment for more information.

    Maintenance by Robertson Info Request

  • TotTurf PIP 1.5″ RENEW Re-Top Services for Existing PIP Surfaces

    TotTurf PIP 1.5″ RENEW Re-Top Services for Existing PIP Surfaces

    RENEW1.5 is the most effective way to prevent future demolition of the entire surface.

    This preventative solution is a 1.5 inch re-top that includes a new 1″ padded layer under a new .5″ wear course layer Tot Turf rubber surfacing. This process not only repairs hazards on the surface but will significantly add cushioning for safer recreation and play. RENEW1.5 can also provide for an updated color scheme to keep visitors coming back for more fun!

    Why RENEW1.5?

    • Adds up to 2 years life expansion to your existing surface
    • Much cheaper than a complete remove and replace process that will result if repairs are not addressed
    • Only 2 days of service, then your recreational space is ready for play!

    Not sure what type of maintenance you need?  Fill out our online maintenance assessment for more information.

    Maintenance by Robertson Info Request

  • Tot Turf Repair Kit

    Tot Turf Repair Kit

    The Tot Turf Repair Kit is offered for those who like to do-it-yourself!  The kit allows almost anyone to repair minor holes from repeated use yourself.  The kit includes colored rubber, urethane, and instructions.