Standard Tile


Rubber tiles offer superior cushioning, low maintenance, long wear and accessibility. They are also perfect for indoor applications, as there is no onsite mixing required. Order in one color, or in a variety to create simple designs. Standard Tiles utilize adhesive to firmly affix each tile to the sub-base. Pigmented rubber or EPDM topped tiles are available.

Additional Product Information


  • Lower maintenance
  • Great for indoor applications
  • Easy to repair, only the damaged tile needs to be removed and replaced
  • Complete system of edges, corners, transitions and ramps available


  • You can intermingle various colored tiles to create checkerboard or other patterns in the tile
  • Tiles are a green product, each tile keeps 2.5 tires out of our landfills

Basic Specifications

  • Solid colors or exciting multi-colored tiles, in varying thicknesses to meet critical fall heights.
  • Various edging tile options are available, including ADA accessible ramp tiles.
  • Tiles are the easiest of the solid surfaces to repair.
  • If a tile is damaged, it can be removed and replaced easily.
  • Although self-installation is possible, professional installation is recommended, unless you have some prior experience.
  • This product meets all applicable ASTM standards.
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