Perfect for parks, playgrounds, offices, and commercial properties, our rubber mulch, ewf mulch, and synthetic turf are perfect for creating beautiful, long lasting landscapes. You can use a combination of synthetic grass and mulch to create an atmosphere that will wow your visitors, guests, and clients. Our mulch and turf come in different colors and can be set to different heights. Using a combination of both will decrease your maintenance cost and give you a durable and beautiful landscape. View our landscape surfacing products below and click through to request a quote!

Landscape Surfacing

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  • Tuff Mulch

    Tuff Mulch

    Robertson Industries uses recycled passenger tires in its landscaping product, Tuff Mulch. There are no foreign seeds to contaminate soil. This product is also permeable to allow watering to the soil below.

    • Non toxic
    • Non-leaching
    • Will not break down like wood mulches
    • Permeable to allow watering
    • Non slip surface

  • Trail Turf

    Trail Turf

    Robertson Industries’ specialized product Trail Turf, can be used for paths, walking or jogging trails, tracks in football stadiums and courtyard paths.

    • Indoor and Outdoor applications
    • Variety of colors
    • Suitable for rehab centers
    • ADA compliant

  • Pup Turf:  For our friends who play on paws!

    Pup Turf: For our friends who play on paws!

    Pup Turf is made up of a blended mono filament that is tufted and textured to create a dynamic pet product with less matting than any standard polyethylene system. The warp knit primary backing coated with the SilverBack™ Urethane system provides
    extra strength against wear from paws and claws. Also featuring EnviroFill® infill with Microban® protection to help fight the spread of bacteria. As with all of our products, Pup Turf is constructed to be safe to the environment, humans, and our four-legged friends!

    • Pets will love the natural outdoor look and feel of Pup Turf all year long
    • Perfect for dog parks, boarding facilities and veterinary offices
    • Perforated turf layer provides for rapid drainage fostering a dirt and stain free environment
    • Eliminates unsightly dead grass spots and mud pits
    • Odors easily flush away with water
    • Includes Envirofill™ for extra protection against bacteria!
    • Optional drainage tiles available upon request


  • Tot Turf Synthetic Grass:  Landscapes

    Tot Turf Synthetic Grass: Landscapes

    Attractive yet resilient, the Tot Turf Landscapes Series is the perfect combination of durability and appeal for all types of commercial landscapes. From hospitality to multi-family housing or public spaces, the Landscapes line offers the luxury of real grass without the labor and cost of tireless upkeep. Wow visitors, clients or guests with professional, clean synthetic grass. Available in 4 various heights and multiple color pallets for different textures and design!

    • Accessible for people with all abilities
    • Stays green all year long with less maintenance
    • Includes SILVERBACK™: Specially manufactured backer lining to prevent extensive turf rutting and damage!
    • Upgrade any system with EnviroFill™