Bonded rubber is poured on-site like poured rubber, but consists of shredded as opposed to granular rubber pieces. It provides the same seamless surface and can be used in similar applications as Poured Rubber. While color mixes are offered, inlaid patterns are not possible, due to the larger pieces of rubber used. Our custom Bonded Rubber playground surfacing is available in fifteen natural colors. This includes eight color blends and seven solid colors. We cannot use it to create inlaid graphic designs because the rubber particle is similar to our loose-fill rubber. Our customers use our bonded rubber surfacing on trails and in some landscaping applications. Some of our custom colors resemble wood fibers or other natural materials, but since the material is bonded together, it doesn’t require the same upkeep and maintenance. Our bonded rubber playground surfacing will not blow away, or migrate outside the play area.

Bonded Rubber Surfacing

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  • Trail Turf

    Trail Turf

    Robertson Industries’ specialized product Trail Turf, can be used for paths, walking or jogging trails, tracks in football stadiums and courtyard paths.

    • Indoor and Outdoor applications
    • Variety of colors
    • Suitable for rehab centers
    • ADA compliant

  • Playground Bonded Rubber

    Playground Bonded Rubber

    Bonded Rubber is an alternative to traditional poured rubber surfaces. It provides the same highly accessible one-piece surface but utilizes larger pieces than poured rubber. It is poured onsite in a single layer system, achieving a natural appearance for your outdoor facility. It is porous, drains well, and dries quickly.