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  • TotTurf Standard EPDM Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing – Featuring the TotTurf Advantage!

    TotTurf Standard EPDM Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing – Featuring the TotTurf Advantage!

    TotTurf EPDM Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber is the most popular playground surfacing choice in the market.  TotTurf provides a seamless, accessible play surface. Our PIP system consists of 2 main layers providing an attenuating, soft, cushioned feel.  The option comes with several color choices that can be laid in patterns, or mixed to create different shades and tones of color, and even molded into multiple elevations or shapes for added play value.  Installations by Robertson utilize seasoned crews to produce a surface that is as attractive as it is durable and resilient. At Robertson, safety is our first concern and we make sure all TotTurf installations meet ASTM requirements for public play spaces.   TotTurf also provides a highly accessible surface for all to play.  Lower routine maintenance requirements and costs help make this option a smart investment for years of use. Click to learn how much poured in place rubber costs.

    The TOT TURF ADVANTAGE for more resilience under highly used areas.

    Ask your TotTurf Regional Representative about the details and how we differ from all others!


  • Pup Turf:  For our friends who play on paws!

    Pup Turf: For our friends who play on paws!

    Pup Turf is made up of a blended mono filament that is tufted and textured to create a dynamic pet product with less matting than any standard polyethylene system. The warp knit primary backing coated with the SilverBack™ Urethane system provides
    extra strength against wear from paws and claws. Also featuring EnviroFill® infill with Microban® protection to help fight the spread of bacteria. As with all of our products, Pup Turf is constructed to be safe to the environment, humans, and our four-legged friends!

    • Pets will love the natural outdoor look and feel of Pup Turf all year long
    • Perfect for dog parks, boarding facilities and veterinary offices
    • Perforated turf layer provides for rapid drainage fostering a dirt and stain free environment
    • Eliminates unsightly dead grass spots and mud pits
    • Odors easily flush away with water
    • Includes Envirofill™ for extra protection against bacteria!
    • Optional drainage tiles available upon request


  • Tot Turf Synthetic Turf:  ProPlay Series

    Tot Turf Synthetic Turf: ProPlay Series

    Tot Turf Play Spaces is a line of natural looking, soft, attenuating turf surfacing perfect for playgrounds. Unlike real grass, this synthetic grass meets fall cushioning requirements for safety compliance. Available in 3 variations for pile and weight options. Padded underlayment adds enough pad to help protect your little ones during play. Play Spaces synthetic grass does not require mowing, fertilizing or watering, so put away that mower, and PLAY!

    • Real grass look keeps parks and playgrounds visually serene and environmentally pleasing
    • Available in varying heights and colors to fulfill specific play area needs (see table below)
    • Meets 4′, 6’ or 8′ Critical Fall Height attenuation requirements set forth by ASTM
    • Easily accessible for children with all abilities
    • Includes SILVERBACK™: Specially manufactured backer lining to prevent extensive turf rutting and damage!
    • Includes basic infill
    • Upgrade any system with EnviroFill™ with Microban to help fight the spread of bacteria.

  • Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)

    Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)

    Engineered wood fiber is a popular choice for projects with initial budget constraints. EWF does require ongoing raking and occasional topping off during its lifetime due to compaction and decomposition. This maintenance will help ensure the correct material depth of the playground wood fibers for compliance with safety and accessibility standards. Once the newly installed EWF has settled, it forms a “knitted” layer that is designed to support a variety of mobility devices including wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers.

  • Playground Rubber Mulch

    Playground Rubber Mulch

    Playground Rubber Mulch provides a colorful, long-lasting option for loose fill surfacing. Because it is made of recycled rubber, it provides an excellent, springy surface for shock absorption.

    Using rubber mulch for playgrounds is a great option that’s more cost-efficient than full rubber tiles or pour-in-place surfacing. The rubber mulch provides an effective springy surface to protect children from falls on the playground. It’s also 100% recycled from old car tires, playing its part in helping our environment.

  • Playground Bonded Rubber

    Playground Bonded Rubber

    Bonded Rubber is an alternative to traditional poured rubber surfaces. It provides the same highly accessible one-piece surface but utilizes larger pieces than poured rubber. It is poured onsite in a single layer system, achieving a natural appearance for your outdoor facility. It is porous, drains well, and dries quickly.

  • Tot Turf Synthetic Turf: MULTI-USE

    Tot Turf Synthetic Turf: MULTI-USE

    Tot Turf Multi-Use was designed for general applications and spaces. Multi-Use features a shorter pile height and denser weight providing an attractive surface cover and comfortable base for walkers and relaxers. Consider Tot Turf Multi-Use turf system for small game play areas, park seating areas, and other non-specific applications. Accessible for all abilities and built tough for consistent use.


    • Less Maintenance – No Mowing or Fertilization
    • Stays Green All Year!
    • Includes SILVERBACK™: Specially manufactured backer lining to prevent extensive turf rutting and damage!
    • ‘‘Upgrade any system with EnviroFill™ with Microban to help prevent the spread of bacteria
    • Provides perfect surfacing for relaxing or even family activities


  • TotTurf Interlocking Tiles

    TotTurf Interlocking Tiles

    These tiles lock together to create a floating floor type effect to resist deforming in changing weather conditions.  Ideal for indoor or outdoor playground flooring.  These tiles are easy to install and require a limited adhesive application to avoid installation mess.  Impact attenuating at 4’, 6’ or 8’, these tiles are designed to exceed requirements for impact attenuation.  They scored 750 on the Head Injury Criteria scale – 25% under the federal guidelines.