National Playground Safety Week 2018

National Playground Safety Week: April 23-27, 2018

Playground safety checks are key to safer play and prolonged surface lifespan

If not properly maintained, playground surfacing can become less effective in the protection of children if a fall occurs. Robertson recognizes the importance of an informed maintenance department, school facilitator, or other playground manager when the safety of a space is concerned. Robertson suggests the following basic check list to help avoid safety issues and recognize surfacing repair needs on your playground.


  • Routinely remove loose debris, trash, and other foreign objects from the surface to avoid slip hazards
  • Check for rutting or holes under swings and at slide beds due to repetitive use. Surfaces under high traffic equipment quickly become non-compliant if not refilled or protected with wear mats or protective coating applications
  • Check playground surface for spider cracks or raised areas… these can become trip hazards if not addressed early
  • For playgrounds with loose fill surfacing – Wood Fiber or Rubber – check depth often to maintain appropriate depth and fall height attenuation
  • Inspect the perimeter of your playground space to identify any shrinkage or seam separation of the surface from the border

Robertson’s experienced sales and service staff have years of inspections under our belts. We encourage you to reach out and ask us for help. Safety is our priority and we ensure the highest commitment to compliance in our installations, inspections, maintenance, and repairs. For more information, please call 800-858-0519 for help making your play space safer.